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What to avoid

Avoid complete silence. This is very important. Many people with tinnitus that started by exposure to loud sounds such as music or a gunshot naturally try to avoid sounds. But in silence, you will feel tinnitus even more. So, save your earplug usage for really noisy environments such as parties, concerts, cinemas, the subway, etc. I suggest listening to some sound such as nice music. I have often listened to the sounds of nature, such as forest sounds, waterfalls, or whale’s calls.


When there is a great silence, the brain is not at rest, but vice versa. In these situations, the brain is actually on guard. This is a paradox which I will explain. I will use an example from nature where we all come from. Do you know when the greatest silence occurs in nature when there complete silence? In just one moment. When the predator approaches. Then all the animals will freeze and perceive every little, tiny sound. In addition, the brain strengthens all the sounds in this stress mode. So, when you are in complete silence, for example at night with new windows closed, your brain is permanently on alert. In the past, there were no soundproof windows and we always hear d some sounds in the countryside. Even at night. Birds, wind, rain, all this prevented complete silence. People in that time apparently did not even have a chance to perceive tinnitus. In English-speaking countries, this is called “sound enrichments”. 


Here are some advices to avoid silence:

  • If you have plastic windows, open them slightly to hear street sounds.

  • Get a fountain in your home, put it in the living room and leave the bedroom door open at night.

  • When you are at home, enjoy relaxing music, or the sounds of nature (such as the forest, sea, etc.).

  • I enjoyed a lot of walks in the forest, where there are many sounds.

  • Listen to the noise 8 hours per day, be consistent.


Go out in public, do not stay at home, tea houses and quieter cafes are ideal.

Talk about what bothers you, your friends, do not stay alone, friends could recommend other great things.


Because tinnitus is stress-intensive, try psychotherapy, or psychosomatic help. Do not be alone with your problem. ASK for HELP. People are here to help you. 


Avoid excessive noise. I guess that’s obvious, but it’s worth stressing. Excessive noise causes disco tinnitus. When you go to the cinema, your tinnitus will be louder for 1-2 days. theoretically, it does not matter at all, but it will psychologically knock you down...

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