Six steps to complete relief

To cure tinnitus, all these steps were important and are described in detail in the book - I cured my tinnitus.


What will you need: 

Physical steps:

STEP 1. Exclude objective cause (such as ear infection, etc.). This MUST be done by your ENT specialist before further steps. 

STEP 2. Fix the spine and jaws with a physiotherapist. Great physiotherapist techniques are: 

- McKenzie

- Soft tissue technique

- Dynamic neuromuscular stabilizations according to Kolar

- Trigger points by Travell a Simons 

STEP 3. Pink Noise sound therapy based on Dr. Pawel J. Jastreboff, to MEASURE your tinnitus every day and disconnect fixation of your brain on tinnitus. 

STEP 4. Diet change. Many meals and drinks make your tinnitus louder. You can find the details in the book. 

Psychical steps:

STEP 5. Understand the mechanism of chronic tinnitus and why standard treatments fail. This was discovered by Dr. Pawel J. Jastreboff. Details are described in the book. 

STEP 6. Somatic Experiencing, based on Dr. Peter A. Levine for stress and anxiety relief. It will help you to find the way how to fix your sleep, work with your emotions (e.g. many men don't cry and many women don't express anger), how to manage long-term stress, how to avoid pressure in work and personal life, how to solve anxiety and excessive self-observation, how to fix relationships with partner, parents or coworkers and calm your nervous system down.



Important notes 

  • The First 5 steps helped me to decrease tinnitus from volume 17 to volume 3 (it means by 82%).

  • The last step 6 was important to switch off tinnitus completely. 

  • Diet, body movement and stress-related issues were discovered with the help of Tinnitus Diary.

  • The pink noise could be generated by:

    • Phonak, Siemens or Audfion noise generators, or

    • HiFi mp3 players (not expensive), such as FiiO M3K, or FiiO M7 & Sennheiser MX 365 headphone

Don’t you know how to start?

Find all information in the book - I cured my Tinnitus

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