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Six steps Therapy

To cure my tinnitus, all these steps were important and are described in detail in the book

I cured my tinnitus. 

Physical steps:

1. Exclude objective cause (such as ear infection, etc.). This MUST be done by Medical Doctor before further steps. 

2. Fix the spine and jaws. Change body postures in work, sports, unblock spine and jaws, etc., in cooperation with a physiotherapist. Important physiotherapist techniques are: 

- McKenzie

- Soft tissue technique

- Dynamic neuromuscular stabilizations according to Kolar

- Trigger points by Travell a Simons 

3. Sound therapy with pink noise. Sound therapy disconnects fixation of our brain on tinnitus.*

4. Diet change. Many meals and drinks make your tinnitus louder. Find out which ones. 

Psychical steps:

5. Understand the starting mechanism of chronic tinnitus and why standard treatments fail. It was discovered by Pawel J. Jastreboff, Ph.D., ScD.  

6. Emotional and stress relief. Find the way how to work with your emotions and express them (e.g. many men don't cry and many women don't express anger), how to manage long-term stress, how to avoid pressure in work and personal life, how to solve anxiety and excessive self-observation, how to fix relationships with partner or parents. This was done with the psychotherapist. I recommend Somatic Experiencing, based on Peter A. Levine. More info here:

Diet, body movement and stress-related changes were discovered with Tinnitus Diary. You can download it for free here.

*You can download pink noise here - free pink noise download. The noise could be generated either by noise generators (Siemens, Phonak or Audifon), or HiFi mp3 player (such as FiiO M3K, or FiiO M7  &  Sennheiser MX 365 headphones).