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Diet recommendations

Try to eat more salads, fruits, and vegetables. Skip fast food, everything fried, cola, coffee, and cigarettes. Instead of eating sweets, eat fruit. Drink alcohol only on special occasions. SKIP every drink and food which contains artificial sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives, such as aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and sodium cyclamate, etc. Artificial sweeteners and preservatives will ALWAYS irritate your nervous system and make your tinnitus stronger. Those are used in many restaurants, fast foods, sweet drinks, smoked meats, canned foods, etc. Sometimes one simple food is enough to irritate your nervous system and to retain your tinnitus. It may appear impossible to find food or drinks without artificial ingredients, by with the time you will find foods and drinks which are natural and safe. 


  • Drink water and herbal teas (before going to sleep calming tea)

  • Filter tap water (using a Brita filter or a similar brand).

  • Skip the alcohol, sweet drinks, non-alcoholic beer, juices in a box



  • Eat lots of vegetables - fresh and frozen (WASH it properly before eating or even before pealing).

  • Eat fruit for dessert (wash every food properly and if possible eat organic fruits and vegetables only).

  • Eat raw nuts (not fried, etc.).

  • Eat fish and white meat (turkey, duck, chicken) a few times a week. 

  • Skip bananas, fried, sweet, pork, beef, sausages, avocados, cheeses, milk chocolate and bitter, raisins and dates.

  • Limit bread, salt, milk.

These dietary restrictions are only required during therapy.  After your therapy is done, it is possible to start to eat some of the restricted foods again. The aim is to eliminate foods and drinks that irritate the nervous system, such as sugar, heavy metals, alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives or those containing tyramine.​

Moreover, as you will measure the volume of your tinnitus every day and write in your tinnitus diary, you will discover which foods and drink, make your particular tinnitus stronger and which drinks and foods decrease the volume of your tinnitus ... 

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