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Introduction by Zuzana Veldova, M.D.

Tinnitus is a phenomenon of our time. On the other hand, it was already here before and troubled a lot of ordinary people as well as more famous ones. Many Tinnitus sufferers have been met with a lack of understanding, not only by his closest family and friends but often even by medical doctors. This can lead to isolation, worsening of the subjective perception of tinnitus and thus depression.

So, tinnitus was, is and will be. As long as the causes of tinnitus exist, so will tinnitus. It affects almost all ages, from early adolescence to seniors. Ethologies differ. Tinnitus is often caused by multiple contributing factors: organic and/or functional. Yet, the result is always the same: unpleasant subjective perception of tone or noise, which can significantly interfere with normal life, relationships and work activities.

If tinnitus does not have an organic basis, which should be solved in a radical way, there is a solution which Peter underwent. This method, which Peter described in his book in detail, has helped many patients return to normal life. You just need to do something for yourself, have a strong will and focus on your goal and the result will come.

Zuzana Veldova, M.D.

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