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I completely cured my tinnitus. After my cure, I wanted to help others, because I knew how hard tinnitus can be. Ultimately, more and more people have asked me for help. One day, I was asked by a larger group of tinnitus sufferers to contribute regularly to their internet forum. I readily accepted this challenge, because I needed to help others, but I did not have any free time. Then my friend asked me, “Why don’t you write a book? Then you can share your story, knowledge, and answer frequently asked questions with even more people." I liked that idea and so I wrote this book, to put all info on how I cured my tinnitus. 

In the first part of the book, I share the journey I went through with all of the examinations, the moments of despair until I got rid of my tinnitus and heard silence again. The goal of the first part is to give you trust and inspiration that your tinnitus can be cured as well. The second part contains detailed information about all steps and therapies which helped me to cure my tinnitus. 

Examples of three chapters:

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Print List Price: $16.99

Kindle Price:     $11.98

#1 tinnitus bestseller
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