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Tinnitus FAQ#4

Your question and my answers, you ask about tinnitus frequently.

Q: I don't have objective cause for Tinnitus but I had done test like you know hearing test with an audiologist and it showed like some hair cells not responding on high frequencies and I have very light hearing loss, so is this an objective reason or this is no problem for your therapy?

A: Partial loss of hearing is not a problem for therapy. You just need to adjust the volume for each ear separately.

Q: Did you have any setbacks? Like you know tinnitus started to lower volume and after a couple of days, it started to buzz more? For example, I cut down sugar salt and I have no effect on lowering t.

A: Yes sure. I had setbacks. It was quite common and I write everything to tinnitus diary. Based on tinnitus diary I change my life and avoid those setbacks. BUT it is important to measure your tinnitus with the device. As changes in tinnitus are very tiny, without measuring with a device you won't see any difference (even if there is change).

Q: I know you help people through consultation and you have success with this method I mean tinnitus have many reasons and people are different so generally are these people are cured after your treatment? I ask because you see them after therapy.

A: A lot of people get cured. What helps a lot is watching a free video on my site. It has almost 3 hours and I explain everything there. After watching you will know if this approach is for you. If yes, you will find all important details for your cure in the book.

Q: Did you have any hearing loss?

A: Yes, I had, caused by acutrauma. Most of my hearing was recovered.

Q: Before doing sound therapy do I need to see a specialist to tell me what db my Tinnitus is its frequency/s and which side it is in, left or right and at what volume etc.?

A: No, you just need to see a specialist to exclude objective reason.

Q: Can I use pink noise or is white noise better? does it matter?

A: Pink noise for two reasons. You have hyperacusis and pink noise which is on my site for free is tested.

Q: During the day I can distract myself from the noise if I am busy and there are sounds from the environment i.e crickets/wind etc. Only when I sit in a quiet/relatively quiet room it can become loud and intrusive, do i still need sound therapy?

A: Ideally, you should not hear tinnitus in a quiet environment as well. So yes.

Q: What do you think about sound notch therapy?

A: I do not have any experience with notch therapy.

Q: Hi Peter, I've been reading your book, and going through your website and facebook page. I had a few questions as I'm going through it. In your book, for TRT you mention listening to pink noise if you have tinnitus AND hyperacusis, and you say you should listen to white noise if you ONLY have tinnitus. However, on your website it says to listen to pink noise for tinnitus. So if you only have tinnitus, which type of noise should you use? White or pink?

A: Hello pink and white noise have same effect even if you don't have hyperacusis. Pink noise on my site is tested hence I recommend that for you.

Q: If my tinnitus is at a different level in each ear, is it okay if the white/pink noise is at a different level in the left vs. right ear all the time? Or should I just keep it at one level in both ears no matter what?

A: Yes, it would be better to setup lowest audible volume for every ear separately.

Q: You mentioned setting the level of the white/pink noise to be just below the tinnitus, but what if that's so low you can't even hear it... basically the whole day? Because I typically don't hear my tinnitus during the day, just at night, so the white/pink noise will be unnoticeable for almost the full 8 hours.

A: Pink noise must be at lowest audible level. It means tinnitus MUST be many times louder than pink noise. It is ok, if you listen to it just barely. You brain is perceiving it unconsciously.

Q: Thanks for your prompt replies, Peter. I have some more questions; I hope you don't mind? I know on your video you say to use open can headphones (this is the name for headphones that enable you to hear your environment as well as headphone sound (although you could easily hear your surrounding with normal headphones if pink noise is at low volume.) I have a pair that I used for mixing music at home. Why is the quality of headphones an issue if you're only listening to pink noise at a much lower volume than tinnitus?

A: The device needs to play all frequencies correctly on low volume.

Q: could i use 'inside ear' wireless headphones for more convenience and manoeuvrability with my mp3 player?

A: Wireless definitely not, as Bluetooth is radiation and you need to listen to pink noise sound 8 hours a day.

Q: can i do some of the TRT in bed whilst asleep, using hifi speakers to play the pink noise at a much lower volume than tinnitus? Or is the brain not receptive to treatment when i am asleep/ does the brain still listen to the sound when i'm asleep? I know the brain is always active because we can still breath and we can dream when asleep, and our heart still beats to keep us alive, etc. Or despite this, will the brain not listen to the pink noise because it's attention is on the dream sounds or no sound at all?

A: Please use sound enrichment instead of TRT during sleep. Details are described in the book - I cured my tinnitus.

Q: Thank you for your book, it is good to have some hopeful information about this thing. I have had tinnitus for 3 months now. Is it too soon to start TRT?

A: If you visited your ENT specialist and he didn't find any objective reason, you can start now.

Q: I only have it in the right ear. Does that change anything about the therapy, do you think? A: Therapy is the same.

Q: Do you know of TRT experts in Zurich, or at least, Switzerland?

A: Unfortunately not, but you can ask here -, or we can have skype counselling.

Q: Is the tinnitus diary available for download or purchase?

A: Yes, it is free for download, on this web.

Q: What supplements do you recommend supplements could help with tinnitus.

A: Here are some, all have to be in organic quality.

  • Oregano oil

  • Omega 3 Lecithin

  • Magnesium citrate chelate form

  • Ferrum supplement

However will focus more on diet (no sugar, wheat and diary). See separate artcile - What food should I avoid - Q: Can I use antidepressants? I read that it can increase tinnitus.

A: If your specialist prescribed you antidepressants because of tinnitus it can increase tinnitus. Read the side effects carefully and ask your specialist to prescribe you those with no tinnitus side effects. Also treatment with antidepressant should be temporary and supplemented with psychotherapy. This needs to be always done with cooperation with your specialist (medical doctor).

Warm regards,

Peter Studenik


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