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Tinnitus FAQ#3

Your question and my answers, you ask about tinnitus frequently.

Q: Do I have to listen pink or white noise every day 8 hours. What if, for example, one day I will listen 5 hours, another 4 hours and next 10 hours. (Over the weekend, I have more time to listen to it)

A: You can listen less then 8 hours, but do not listen more 8 hours. In time try to manage your day, so you can listen approximately 8 hours a day.

Q: Can I skip a day, two? (For example, for two days on a raft). What will happen if I miss one day?

A: Yes you can. For example, skipping one day has no effect on therapy. Important is what you do regularly, not occasionally.

Q: How to setup volume on the player?

A: Setup it at the lowest audible volume. This is very important. Your tinnitus must be always much higher than white or pink noise. Do not forget to write down volume from every day to tinnitus diary.

Q: What headphones do I need to use?

A: You need to use Earbuds - intra-concha headphones, which do not isolate surrounding sounds. You can use for example Sennheisser MX 365 headphones.

Q: Can I listen to a pink noise even when I have no hyperacusis?

A: Yes you can and you can download pink noise for free from my web

Q: Can I hear pink noise on the speaker overnight - somewhere near my head? Will it be a partial replacement for tinnitus sound therapy?

A: No. At night for better sleep, use sound enrichment. I described it in details in the book.

Q: What is more important. Diet or sound therapy?

A: Both, and in my case, emotional and stress relief was big part of total cure.

Q: Good day, I acquired tinnitus in February 10 2018. It was so loud right after getting home. I read your book. Do you have any recommendations I should do aside from this? Some people recommended fasting/dietary changes as they think it is more inflammatory based I still don't get it.

A: I am sending all steps which helped me to cure my tinnitus (in book are described in details). On each step, there is percentage share of total cure. All steps together helped me to cure it 100%

1) TRT therapy with minimum volume level possible - 40%

2) Tinnitus diary and changes based on tinnitus diary (dietary, body posture, etc.) - 10%

3) Find root cause of stress and solve it (even if not notices now) with help of tinnitus diary and psychotherapist - 40%

4) Clean sinusitis - best with salt water - 10%

Fasting could be very beneficial. But do it always with specialist.

Q: Using your technique in the book, I arrived at a volume setting of 9 where I could hear no pink noise, but tinnitus. However, the pink noise at 10 is just detectable, and I mean just. Am I right in understanding that I should stay on 10 rather than upping it one to 11?

A: Yes, at this case please stay at volume level 10.

Q: Setting the device for repeat. As I only have one file, i.e. pink noise file, on the FiiO, I have set the Play Setting to Loop All. However, the .WAV file that I downloaded (only a few minutes long) does not repeat seamlessly; that is, there's a distinct pause between the end and the re-start. If the length of the file is short, then obviously this becomes an annoyance. For example, on my iMac there's no pause between repeats for the .WAV file. Is there a play setting that I'm missing here? Anyway, for the moment, I've solved the problem by downloading an MP3 file that's 1 hour long so the pauses only happen after an hour. Also wondering if there's a definite difference in sound quality between .wav and .mp3?

A: Please download file from my site: .. it has around 50 minutes and it is wav. There is difference between wav and mp3 as mp3 is changing sound it self to minimise size.

Q: Hi Peter I bought your book and it is very helpful. I was wondering if I could play pink noise through a Bose speaker - ie at night and during the day - instead of listening to it with an MP3 player and headphones. I find pink noise calms me down a lot. Thank you for all your help

A: For TRT therapy it is best to use mp3 player. Pink noise has 2 benefits. It calms you down. And with mp3 player and headphones, it will also disconnect fixation on tinnitus. In my case, my tinnitus changed during the time to pink noise and as pink noise calms me down I was cured (also volume decreased to non audible level). With mp3 player you can also do your tinnitus diary properly and support your cure. Listen to the pink noise during the day only. During the night, brain needs to sleep. For sound enrichment, you can use pink noise thru your speakers.

Get well soon,

Peter Studenik


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