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Tinnitus FAQ#2

Your question and my answers, you ask about tinnitus frequently.

Q: I'm not sure how to set the volume because I have the tinnitus in the left ear-not in the right (thx goodness). And I think it might be a little difficult to set different volumes on the player, but it can be done. Should I turn the right side off? I'm using pink noise currently through a Bose speaker. And yes it does calm me down. Thank you so very much for your help. It is very kind of you to try to help others with in this awful situation.

A: Today there is better option of player and headphones. It is FIIO MK3 and Sennheiser MX365 headphones. It is also cheaper. If you have tinnitus in one ear only, you can use just one headphone, or in that player there is an option to set balance to one side only. I would personally prefer to use both headphones, but both options are good. Just bear in mind, that noise needs to be setup to lowest volume possible. Tinnitus needs to be much louder always. You can download pink noise here for free: This is the one I used personally and many others with success.

Q: How tinnitus diary helped you?

A: Every morning I recorded the volume of my tinnitus in tinnitus diary. The volume was measured by sound therapy. At morning I sat on the bed I adjusted the volume of noise (as instructed in the book - I cured my Tinnitus) and I knew exactly if tinnitus was stronger or weaker that the day before. I also saw the tendency of descending as weeks passed by. In addition to the volume, I also recorded what I drank and eat, day before. After I exactly new what drinks and foods make my tinnitus stronger I excluded them from my life. Later on I also wrote to diary the situations I experienced and the people I met, day before. Using the diary I received:

1) accurate daily measurement of the volume of my tinnitus,

2) I have seen how the volume of tinnitus decreases over time, the descending measured tendency has calmed me much, I have clearly seen that I tinnitus volume is decreasing and I am gonna to heal

3) I exactly knew what increases and what decreases my tinnitus:

a. What food,

b. What drinks,

c. Which situations,

d. Which people.

Because I knew exactly what made it worse and what helped me, I knew what food and drink I needed to omit, and on the contrary, what food and drink eat and drink more. As I did this my tinnitus volume quickly dropped and did not return to high volumes. Other things which became clear were situations and people, which made my tinnitus worse. For example, it was roller skating, meeting my parents, stress at work, and so on. For roller skating I consulted this whit physiotherapist, who helped me with body posture and then it was ok. For meeting parents, stress at work, fear (psychological consequences), I consulted with psychologist and opened my trauma from childhood which needs to be healed.

4) I did have need to check my tinnitus several times during the day, because I knew exactly if my tinnitus was weaker or stronger as day before. The diary of the tinnitus shortened my treatment from a year and a half to nine months. When it is done honestly and all things which are found are resolved, most of the people who are visiting my consultations are tinnitus free within a few months. So write the diary regularly. It will take you five minutes a day and the benefits are great. Also find the courage to solve the situations that will show up.

I must admit, that I was very precisely during tinnitus measurement and bit less during writing food, situation and people from day before. I just wrote down most important things from day before. I.e. special meal that I don't eat usually, junk food, alcohol, sweets etc.

Get well soon,



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