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Can you go to dentist with tinnitus?

Yes you can, just follow 3 tips to stay safe.

1) During drilling, ask dentist to stop after every 10 seconds, for 10 seconds and then continue. This way you can stand drilling even if you have tinnitus from acoustic trauma or you have hyperacusis.

2) Ask dentist to use rubber membrane in your mouth, so you don't swallow toxic waste from drilling (ie. mercury), because it would irritate your nervous system and increase tinnitus.

3) Use composite fillings, instead of amalgam ones.

Story of my client George.

Example how stress and amalgam fillings, can lead to tinnitus.

Half a year before the tinnitus, George experienced stress during divorce. Later, we together discovered that he feel anger which he had never shown up (he just accepted divorce). Anger which he did not feel and expressed on beginning, he experienced inside his self. His inward anger was manifested by his clenched jaws. It was also confirmed during physiotherapist examination. He admitted that changing the position of his jaw changes his tinnitus. Because he had more tense in jaws than usual, he also brushed his teeth more, and because he had amalgam fillings, he brushed also the amalgam fillings as well. Since the amalgam contains heavy metals, its nervous system was irritated, resulting in tinnitus. In the consultations, we worked on the awareness and manifestation of inner anger. He also gradually replaced his amalgam filling for composite ones. Gradually, as she and her ex-partner spoke openly, the jaws relaxed, and tinnitus began to change to a pleasant pink noise that had weakened to a level that he did not matter at all.

This example shows how stress can lead to tinnitus. It is good to mention one more thing. Dentists have the highest percentage of workers suffering from tinnitus. I used to think that this is caused by the drilling sound. Today, I know that amalgam fumes that the dentists breathe daily are also responsible for their tinnitus. As I wrote many times, my cure was combination of more things. Amalgam problem was one of it.

Get well soon,

Peter Studenik


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