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  • Peter Studenik

Can you travel by plane with tinnitus?

Fortunately, yes you can. See below 5 tips to feel safe.

Holidays are coming. If you plan a long plane trip, here are a few tips how to stay safe during flight:

1) On the airport use earplugs until you are seated in the airplane. Engines could be very loud from outside.

2) Try to get a seat at the front, or at the tail of the airplane (Boeing and Airbus), so you avoid to seat near the wings where the engines are.

3) During the trip use chewing gum.

4) If the sound level in the airplane is low (lower then 65 dB), you can use your TRT device, if it is higher, you can use noise-canceling headphones with pleasant music. If the sound level is more than 75 dB use earplugs.

5) Same applies for helicopter, just ask pilot to lower volume in your intercom.

Get well soon, Peter Studenik


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