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  • Peter Studenik

#1 Tinnitus trigger is stress

Stress is the #1 trigger of tinnitus and needs to be addressed.

There are 4 main ways how I worked with stress when I had tinnitus. Aim is to reduce cortisol and adrenaline level in the blood so our brain filter (thalamus) can work same way as before tinnitus. All these helped me to calm down my tinnitus and I believe it will help you too.

It just need time and you need to persist.

On other hand it is very low cost and most effective way hot to get rid of tinnitus.

  • Diet without sugar and toxins

  • Somatic Experiencing therapy or EFT to release often unnoticed internal stress.

Somatic Experiencing video be Dr. Peter A. Levine

If you want to learn more, these are the best books available.

Somatic Experiencing book EFT book

For Somatic Experiencing you will need to find SE expert which will lead you thru process. EFT, on the other hand is something what you can do on your own. Both methods are great.

  • Sound therapy and sound enrichment

Details are described in the book I cured my tinnitus

  • Breathing correctly

This is great book, where you will find all details how to breath correctly and literally change your life including tinnitus relief.

Plus video how breathing affect our nervous system and tinnitus.

Feel free to use or share any of these information, which helped me to get complete tinnitus relief.

Get well soon,

Peter Studenik


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