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My tinnitus
success story

Author of the book I cured my Tinnitus

Peter Studenik delivers a unique message on how to transform your life and get complete tinnitus relief. 

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My tinnitus started after a loud concert and was perceived as a constant whistling and ringing in my ears. At that time, I couldn't concentrate on anything or even sleep. I heard it all days and nights long and I was very afraid. After two weeks, I was in such a panic that I forced myself to go to an ENT specialist. He performed a lot of tests and confirmed that I had tinnitus and hyperacusis. He prescribed me drugs to stop acute tinnitus. But it didn't help at all. After three months of unsuccessful treatment, the doctor said, “You have chronic tinnitus, learn how to live with it.” My life collapsed at that moment. 

As I couldn't live with tinnitus, I didn't give up and tried everything to stop it. I visited many other specialists - neurologists, homeopaths, Chinese medicine specialists, nutritionists, body movement specialists, etc. Unfortunately, none of them helped me and I felt more and more hopeless. 


"I started to believe that I can cure my tinnitus."


After three years of troubles, I started to look at tinnitus from a broader perspective and found out that tinnitus is being investigated by Pawel J. Jastreboff, Ph.D., Sc.D., Professor at Department of Otolaryngology at Yale University. I immediately read all his research, understood what is tinnitus, how it starts and why standard treatment fails. I got in touch with him and he confirmed, that my tinnitus could be cured. I started to believe that I could cure my tinnitus, and together we found the way. At the same time, I started therapy with a psychologist to restore psychic balance and well-being. After nine months my tinnitus stopped.

Following my cure, I noticed how much my personal and working life had changed. I realized, that a very important step in curing my tinnitus was finding and resolving all the causes including long-term stress, work overload, anxiety, and relationship problems. 


Therapy which helped me has two main parts: 

Physical - Sound therapy to disconnect fixation on tinnitus and physiotherapy to fix the cervical spine and jaws

Psychical - stress and emotional relief, resolving long term stress, setup proper work-life balance

"I got complete relief."

I have not had tinnitus since 2013. The therapy for tinnitus that I underwent is equally effective for all types of chronic tinnitus. It doesn't matter if your tinnitus was caused by a loud sound, ear inflammation, surgery, injury, hearing damage, etc., chances are the same. It does not matter which sounds you hear, whether it is a whistling, ringing, buzzing, roaring, clicking or any others sound. I don't even notice tinnitus now, neither in silence nor at night.

Peter Studenik

Author of the book I cured my Tinnitus

Peter Studenik speach on live stream for Tinnitus Support Group. 

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