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I had strong tinnitus for almost 4 years. My tinnitus was so loud that I heard it even when the train was passing by. Like you, I heard many times that there is no cure for tinnitus, but I didn't give up. I studied everything about tinnitus, contacted many specialists, and after years of despair, found the way how to cure my tinnitus completely.

If I can give you one tip, which comes out of my healing it would be: "Start to look up for yourself more and stop pleasing others. Put yourself first. Someone could call it selfish, someone will call it self-love". Because this is where my healing started. 


If this resonates with you, this page, my blog, videos, and the book are right for you.

Get well soon,

Peter Studenik


The amazon's best selling Book

In the book, I cured my Tinnitus, Peter Studenik, ex-tinnitus sufferer, is at the forefront of a new tinnitus healing movement.

In this book, he gives readers everything they need to successfully start curing the tinnitus. Six steps described in the book address both the emotional and physical problems that trigger tinnitus and hamper our cure of tinnitus.

Using the six steps, practitioners go thru a complex healing process. It includes diet changes, stress reduction, sound therapy, sound enrichment, and releasing all emotional blocks. The six steps therapy helps calm the nervous system to restore the balance of calm in the body, brain, and ears and in turn rewire the brain to respond to natural ear sound in healthy ways. This kind of conditioning can help rid practitioners of tinnitus permanently. Because of the six steps proven success in healing also hyperacusis, Studenik recommends to use it for hyperacusis as well.

In I cured my tinnitus, Studenik describes not only the history and science of tinnitus but also the practical applications. In a friendly voice, he lays out easy-to-use practices, diagrams, and worksheets that will teach readers, step-by-step, how to go thru each step easily. With chapters covering everything from the tinnitus triggers, correct diet, sound therapy, stress and emotional connection, brain functions, and connection to ears, Studenik opens readers’ eyes to just how powerful this practice can be.

Throughout the book, readers will see real-life story of healing tinnitus. The simple strategies Studenik outlines will help readers release their fears and clear the limiting beliefs that hold them back from curing tinnitus.

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#1 tinnitus bestseller

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Tinnitus book

Author of the book I cured my Tinnitus

Peter Studenik delivers a unique message on how to transform your life and get complete tinnitus relief. 

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Linda Carr


Reviewed in the USA on December 2, 2018

This book is amazing. I am trying his program, getting a little better. It takes a while to overcome this, but at least there is hope. I listen to pink and white noise, and at least I have some relief. I listen to it before I go to bed, and during the day. The author overcame a debilitating case of tinnitus. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from this. 

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Shella Clinton

Reviewed in the USA on May 18, 2020

This book gives hope to people who have tinnitus by giving full details on the causes of tinnitus, tinnitus cure, and how to prevent it. The cure can be classified into 3 parts based on this book which is; physical, sound therapy and psychical (that is stress and emotional relief), it also includes step by step guide on how to cure tinnitus which are; excluding objective cause by visiting medical specialists to check for an ear infection or sinusitis infection, understanding the symptoms of chronic tinnitus and that it can be cured, sound therapy, daily tinnitus measurement, tinnitus diary to keep track of what makes it worse or better and last step which is finding and solving further problems based on your tinnitus diary.

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Phillis Jennings


Reviewed in the USA on March 14, 2018

This book has given me hope that there is a way to overcome tinnitus. It makes sense and it concurs with what my physician told me, that the brain has to be re-trained and that lifestyle needs to be changed. These are points that Mr. Studenik makes in his book. It is written by someone who thoroughly understands what it is to live with this condition and how it can take over one's life. Kudos to the author for sharing his experience and knowledge with us.

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Bobbie Smith

Reviewed in the USA on March 18, 2019

Reading this book now. Very responsive author. With real information. I recommend this book.

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Elen Mancini


Reviewed in the USA on January 13, 2019

Even though most of the book I knew already, it made me feel good that at the beginning Peter’s experience was very much like mine.i am not alone. It was good to read that Peter gets better. Gave me a lot of hope. I just started to keep a diary and will try to avoid loud noises for a month. If it doesn’t work sound therapy is next to try. Thank you, Peter!!!

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