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My name is Peter Studenik. I suffered from tinnitus for almost four years. My tinnitus was so loud that I heard it even when the train was passing by. Like you, I heard many times that there is nothing to be done about tinnitus. Fortunately, I didn't give up. I studied everything about tinnitus, contacted many specialists, and after years of despair, found the way how to cure my tinnitus completely. My tinnitus is gone, I got my life back, and hear the silence again. Don't give up, with proper knowledge, you can cure your tinnitus too.


Peter Studenik, M.S.

Start by doing what's necessary, 

then do what's possible,

and suddenly

you are doing the impossible.

Francis of Assisi

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My Book

Book describes in detail my journey and all steps and tips, which helped me to cure my tinnitus. 

In my book, you will find how to work with sound therapy and how to do it right. You will learn how to measure your tinnitus every day and how to find out what makes your tinnitus worse and what makes it better. What steps are necessary to cure tinnitus, how to persist, and how to sleep again. It also explains why pure sound therapy isn't enough. There are all dietary, exercise, and psychological tips. My book describes how to restore mental balance and well-being. 

how book helps others

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Tinnitus book
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"Peter is sincere in trying to help others in their struggle to find their way to get better from tinnitus. He describes how he used tinnitus retraining therapy-how it successfully worked for him. And he gives the reader all the tools necessary to do this on their own. Many audiologists have used TRT to help their clients. Now with this book, I can use these tools to get better myself! I'm so glad this book is here for me."

Patricia S.

"This book gave me hope at a time of despair. The book teaches a new look at providing a person tips to beat and cure tinnitus that is practical and extremely relevant."

Mark B.

"I have found much reassurance reading this book and found his guidance sane, clear and helpful. I recommend it!"

Lauren Tripp

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